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Delicious pork strips. Good for a typical morning breakfast full of energy in American style.


Delicious pork strips. Good for a a typical American breakfast and delicious if grilled, pan-fried or baked. 

The meat is first treated with salt, sugars, preservatives and spices often, both in brine or dry for a period of a few days, depending on the size of the piece.

Subsequently, the bacon can be matured further, or cold / hot smoked. The non-smoked Bacon (or cold-smoked) is usually cooked before consumption, while the hot-smoked bacon (which has already undergone a partial cooking) can also be consumed as such. In the Anglo-Saxon influenced countries Bacon gets often eaten together with eggs (bacon and eggs) as part of the so-called "full breakfast". 


  • Toast with bacon and scrambled egg.
  • Panini hot dog with bacon.
  • Roast pork bacon.
  • Cod bacon.
  • Zucchini rolls with bacon and rosemary.
  • Mashed potatoes with baked bacon.
  • Pizza Margherita with mushrooms and bacon.
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