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Porchetta is a typical dish of central Italy. It consists of a whole pig, emptied, boned and perfectly seasoned for cellar snacks that are typical of wine-producing areas. Porchetta consumption is particularly favored by food trucks and vans that can be found where a large influx of people are expected.


Porchetta is a delicious dish typical of central Italy. It consists of a whole pig, emptied, boned and seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs, and roasted in the oven. Porchetta is eaten sliced as a second dish or with bread as a snack. 

To make it, the artisan chooses a one year-old pig weighing up to a ton. Once slaughtered and bled, the pig gets immersed in a hot water boiler in order to proceed with the hair removal. So after the pig is thoroughly washed, it gets opened, disemboweled, deboned and filled with seasoning: salt, pepper, garlic heads with the skin, and depending on the tradition liver and spleen cuts and handfuls of rosemary or fennel (using both flowers fennel and the so-called fennel beard together with sour cherries and almonds). 

Once the pork is packed with flavors, it gets skewered with a stick that comes out of the mouth and the other end (a stick also useful for
transport) and binds very well with a string. At this point we put it in the oven, cooking it for two to five hours, depending on the size of the animal, and should be checked from time to time to see the progressive browning. Tradition has it that the pork is roasted in a wood oven, but this method of cooking does not comply with the strict hygiene rules which expect a perfect cleaning of the oven after use. Moreover, cooking at a constant temperature does not ensure an even grill and tends to dry the leanest parts of the pig. For these reasons there is a tendency now to roast Porchetta in stainless steel ovens.

In some locations they prefer younger pigs, six or seven months, and cooked on a spit. 


Pork Meat, Salt, Natural Flavours, Wine, flavor enhancer ': monosodium glutamate. 

Keep Refrigerated 0 ° to + 4 °.

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